How Can Patient

Influencers Help You?


Learn from patient influencers and their communities


Find patients to participate in clinical trials or sponsored events


Engage patient influencers to create content or solve unmet needs


Inspire patient influencers to share resources with their communities


From online influencer focus groups to an on-demand voice response research platform, patient leaders are ready to be heard — to offer solutions that come not only from their personal experience, but from the experiences of their thousands of community members.
Research solutions


Have a clinical trial that is slow to enroll? Want an influential member of the patient community to attend your upcoming sales event? We match members of our network to your needs, helping you better connect to the people that matter most.
Recruitment solutions


Patient influencers have a deep understanding of the unmet needs and critical issues in their communities. Those communities and sponsors benefit when WEGO Health enables collaboration — to create compelling content, to tackle adherence issues, or to find ways to give a new voice to patient leaders.

Create custom content that resonates with the patient community

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Sharing hub prod


Our network of patient influencers are expert and prolific at sharing content they feel is valuable to their communities. WEGO Health Sharing Hubs have helped companies reach millions of engaged consumers through active social sharing and trust.

Custom Solutions

We've worked with dozens of organizations to assemble our existing solutions or to create new ways to work with patient influencers. Contact us to discuss your business needs, and we'll work together.

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