Patient Leader Insights

Patient Leader advisory board

If you're looking for a cost-effective way to pull together a high-impact Patient Advisory Board, we can manage the recruitment, on-boarding, meeting facilitation and analysis reporting for you.

Community Insight Groups

Our moderated online focus group sessions put you in deep conversation with patient opinion leaders who speak for their online audiences. Join live or let our team bring you rich insights.

Truvio® mobile surveys

These recorded voice insights from Patient Leaders provide a quick turnaround full analysis and report. Participants call in to submit their self-moderated responses.

Content Creation

Sharing hubs

Co-branded with WEGO Health, our Sharing Hubs curate and present your resources alongside new content created with Patient Leaders. Hubs can be embedded anywhere, and they drive meaningful engagement.

Patient Leader videos

We create custom videos featuring the voice of trusted Patient Leaders in our network. Online viewers recognize the authentic voices of patient leaders - and the result is true engagement.

Patient Leader ad creative

If you aim to drive large-scale engagement and action on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, WEGO Health's co-branded advertising creative outperforms every time.

Marketing Campaigns

Social promotions

We run custom co-branded Facebook and Twitter campaigns that make a business impact. The posts are deployed to an expansive network using our proprietary social media targeting tools, which are built from 100+ data points on each member.

Influencer marketing

Our vetted network of top influencers reach an average of over 15,000 follower each, every month. And our team knows the ropes, from regulatory hurdles to vetting the right Patient Leaders to spread your word.

Educational campaigns

Our Patient Leaders are already trusted and recognized in over 150 different health conditions and topics - they're 5x more likely to contribute daily and 82% of our members go online to raise awareness of health issues. We can take your educational campaign from idea to reaching millions of hyper-engaged consumers.

Additional Services

Inject the health consumer perspective into your projects and initiatives by consulting members of our Patient Leader Network. The companies that do this are the companies likely to deploy solutions to market that healthcare consumers will adopt and use.

  • Patient advisory board
  • Patient Leader Insights
  • Social media campaigns
  • Clinical trial recruitment
  • Product & user testing
  • Product design collaboration
  • Online community building
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