Welcome! What brings you to WEGO Health today?

I'm a Patient Leader

looking to help others & improve healthcare

  • I’m an activist or advocate
  • I’m a blogger or writer
  • I'm a subject matter expert
  • I help patients online

I work at a company

looking to connect with Patient Leaders

  • for agencies
  • for products and brands
  • for research firms
  • for consulting firms

100k+ Patient Leaders - advocates, influencers & experts - helping others and transforming healthcare

When companies collaborate with and hire Patient Leaders, with strong professional backgrounds and deep experience navigating the healthcare system, the impact on healthcare can be profound.


Who are our Patient Leaders?

MaryAnne Sterling
Family Caregiver Voice in Policy


They are business professionals:

  • who deeply understand the patient perspective
  • with strong skills and expertise to help companies face industry challenges
Jessica Gimeno
Health Activist, Writer, TEDx Speaker


They have wide reach:

  • 15k average monthly reach per member
  • 73% are members of multiple online health communities
  • 3x more likely to use a health app and write reviews
Dakota Rosenfelt
Hemophilia Patient Advocate


They are healthcare consumers

  • who navigate the healthcare system daily
  • and strive for patient-driven solutions

WEGO Health is mission-driven

WEGO Health is a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills and insights of Patient Leaders. We are the world’s largest network of Patient Leaders, working across virtually all health conditions and topics.

Our network collaborates with startups, life sciences companies, non-profits, agencies, government and all types of organizations across health care. WEGO Health offers enterprise and on-demand solutions that allow organizations to leverage patient experience and expertise in the design, development and promotion of their products and services.

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